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MYANMAR THIHA group of companies

Myanmar Thiha Group of Companies was established in 2001 and 100% local own investment in Myanmar. We are doing business dealing with Government Offices, Ministries, Local Private Companies, Foreign Investment Companies and Non-Government Organization.

Myanmar Thiha Co.,Ltd.

Our company imports Fire Extinguisher Products, Fire Fighting Accessories, Solar Products, LED Solar Traffic Flashing Light and Golf Buggy. LED Solar Traffic Flashing Light and Golf Buggy.

Rain Flower Fire Extinguisher Distribution & Services

Rain Flower Fire Extinguisher Distribution & Services was established in 2002. We are Distribution Fire Extinguisher & Services also providing a reliable service for all kinds of customer’s safety for fire with much needed Fire Extinguisher in Myanmar Public.

Myanmar Solar Power Trading Co., Ltd.

Myanmar Solar Power Trading Co.,Ltd is one of the active subdivisions of Myanmar Thiha Group of Companies (MTH) which was established since 2001. MSP is the nation’s leading full-service provider for commercial, residential, industrial and large scale solar projects. From a single point of contact, we provide solar PV system design, calculation, consultation, installation as well as repair and maintenance services. We support turnkey solution for solar home system, solar road light, solar pumping system, mini-grid system, solar water heating system and solar power plant (on/off grid system). As a trading company, MSP also imports and sales qualified solar products such as solar lanterns, solar lawn lamps, solar traffic light, solar road sign, portable solar home system and other solar appliances. All the solar products and components sold and used in our projects are imported from Germany, Japan, India, Thailand and China.

Myanmar Fire Protection Co., Ltd.

Myanmar Thiha Group of Companies (MTH) was established in 2001 and Myanmar Fire Protection Company Limited (MFP) is one of the active sub business units of MTH. MFP specialized in selling, distributing and installing fire protection system and equipments in Myanmar. The equipments include fire extinguishers, fire hose reels & cabinets, fire hoses, nozzels, couplings, fire hydrants, landing valves, breeching inlets and other related accessories. MFP provides services specialized in surveying, designing, budgeting proposals, supply & installation, testing & commissioning, consulting, planning contractor and inspection of fire protection system for construction business and the premises. Furthermore, it is guaranteed that the engineers from MFP are well-trained, skillful and qualified to be able to support the customers by solving their problems effectively and giving useful suggestions before and after sale.

Myanmar Thiha Engineering and Construction

Myanmar Thiha E&C is an active business unit of Myanmar Thiha Group of Companies. The company is intending to extend its business with the primary activities of providing Mechanical and Electrical Engineering works.

The managements of Myanmar Thiha E&C consists of experienced and qualified managers who have had years of experience in their respective areas.

The managements in collaboration with all staff strives to provide a total satisfaction to customers in terms of schedule, budget performance and reliability. Myanmar Thiha E&C is providing one stop services for design and installation of M&E services.

Mindama Air Separation (MAS) Oxygen Factory

Mindama Air Separation (MAS) is one of the Oxygen Production Factory in Myanmar. Our Company are doing Joint Venture with MEC in 2017. Now a days, we are producing and distribution of Medical Use & Industrial Use.