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From Beginning to end – turnkey solar solution

What we offer?

Service: We have a great service to deliver the ordered goods to the destination places. Company takes all the responsibilities in concerns with the solar system within warranty period.

Installation: We build our systems to last. Our qualified engineers team will carefully install the high quality solar system in our customers’ homes. We also provide materials and technical support for those who has desire for installing their own systems.

Warranty: All the accessories and equipment used by our team bear the manufacturers’ warranty.

Our Services Portfolio:

Maintenance is the key to sustaining a strong, properly functioning, efficient, and effective structure.

Even if your solar power system is working well, it's important to get it checked out regularly to ensure safe and optimal solar energy use.

According to energy.gov, solar photovolatic (pv) system require "Routine, Periodic Maintenance".

Myanmar Solar Power Company love to make sure your solar power stays efficient and productive for long time.

We provide two packages of maintenance services as below.

Solar Home System Repair and Maintenance Package

  • Cleaning of solar panels which are covered in dust in order to make sure dirt, grime, bird droppings and debris do not block the sun from efficient absorption by the panels.
  • Frequent maintenance of thermal-based components
  • Yearly service of required equipment
  • Circuit testing, Thermal imaging, Earth value measurement
  • Inspection of all connections between solar panel and inverter
  • Report findings and system performance

Solar Street Light Repair and Maintenance Package

  • Reminding customers to check their solar street lights once in six months
  • Cleaning of solar panels which are covered in dust in order to do not block the sun from efficient absorption by the panels.
  • Checking all the other components including battery, controller and inverter to make sure system runs well Repairing the street light pole and giving a second coat of paint if necessary
  • Cleaning the inside of the system box
  • Inspection of light fixture for any problem from weather, vandalism or wildlife
  • Batteries replacemaent or repair if it is required.